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    2. Trenchless bentonite
      • 產品名稱: Trenchless bentonite
      • 產品分類: Trenchless bentonite
      • 公司名稱: 濰坊遠東膨潤土有限公司
      • 型號規格:
      • 產品用途:
      • 產品價格: 面議
      • 添加時間: 2019-09-21
      • 分    享:

      Far East Trenchless bentonite:
      GB / T5005-2010 (ISO 13500: 2009), with high viscosity, good fluidity, fast from the glue, glue, high-speed, high-speed, high-speed, High strength, low filtration loss and low sediment concentration. It plays a role in directional drilling and pipe jacking construction to reduce drag and carry cuttings.

      Trenchless bentonite Target:



      Far East brand for non - excavation bentonite



      Viscometer600r/minRead value



      Dynamic plastic ratio[Pa/(mPa·s)]



      Filtration loss/mL



      75um sieve residue (mass fraction) /%



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